Thursday, October 14, 2010


1) What have you learnt?
I have learnt how to identify problems that the elderly faces and how to find a solution for it, that is to see the problem in a more detailed manner, and find the flaw. I have also learnt how to improve on ideas, for example how to improve the existing product and how to improve my previous product ideas. I also learnt how to analysis my idea product ideas, to help me further improve on the idea to suit the needs of the elderly, using strategies such as SCAMPER. I have also learnt to test my product, base on the design considerations. During this process, I applied some of the 10Cs, such as creativity, to improve on my ideas, collaboration of information from sources such as the internet and critical thinking to design the product to suit and benefit the elderly.

2) What are the difficulties encountered?
It took me some time to think so find a way to further improve my product idea and to solve the flaws. Some of the features of my product did not suit the elderly.

3) How did you overcome the difficulties?
I used strategies such as SCAMPER to help me think of ways to further improve the idea and did more research on the internet on the problem so that I would know what would be suitable for the elderly and that it will benefit it.

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