Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Photograph- People

In this photo, three teachers are having their lunch. They seem to be shy about me and my friends taking their photos for our ADMT homework.

Teacher enjoying his meal. He must be very hungry after hours of teaching.

I think that she is happy because her had completed her task of taking photos of people in less than ten minutes.


  1. Yan Jin and Greg are distractions in the second one but overall quite nice, especially the angle in the third one

  2. For the first photo taken, the focus is not too clear as the person in the background is too near to the main focus of the photo.

    The second picture is nice as the background gives a perspective.

    The third picture is well taken as the person in the picture is clearly the focus. Since the background is quite blur, it give the focus a nice spotlight.

  3. The first and third photos are well taken. Whereas in the second photo, Gregory and YanJin seems to be distractions.

  4. the lightings for the first and second picture is too bright and there are distractions too. I think they are extras. The third one is the nicest as the object is in the middle and it has the golden rule. it has a nice perspective as the background is quite blur

  5. In the second picture, the 2 people in the top of the picture are a distraction. The rest of the pictures are quite well taken

  6. in the frst picture, i think that the teachers face shimmers int he light
    , but the rest are okay due to the perspective.