Friday, June 11, 2010

Holiday Homework Part1

Recommendation 1: Housing for Seniors
Houses would be modified and improved to meet the needs of Seniors. There would be more support care services so that Seniors have people to care for them. Having people to care for them, they would feel warmth and they would be happy to be living in this friendly environment.

Recommendation 2: Accessibility for Seniors
More organizations for the Seniors would be built. In these organizations, Seniors are responsible for the organizations and only several middle-aged people to help them in their work. They would plan and participate in the functions. By doing so, Seniors would be engaged and known in the community and they would lead active lives.
Public transport would be modified and improved to enable traveling less troublesome, comfortable for them and to meet their needs.

Recommendation 3: Caring for Seniors
Seniors could get a discount in buying vitamins and medicines and seeing the doctor. By doing so, it is cost-efficient.

Recommendation 4: Opportunities for Seniors
Encourage families to meet up with their parents and spend quality time. Encourage families to organize more family outings. They spend quality time with their parents and at the same time, enable the Seniors to be more active.

In the Seniors' housing estate, the lifts, corridors and pickup points would be modified and improved to become accessible to the Seniors.

1)Seniors can use a portion of their CPF money to pay for it.

2) The government could help by helping them to pay a small portion of the fund.

As a student, we could help by starting a student-initiated group and organize outdoor activities for the elderly.
We can carry out projects that would need us to innovate and create gadgets that can help elderly in their daily activities.
We can also have them to attend free ICT lessons organized by us so that they would also know how to use modern technology.

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