Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Observation 4

Today, I observed my elderly neighbors. Through out the entire observation, I realized that majority of the time, my elderly neighbors are always sitting down, reading newspapers, watching t.v or even sitting next to the window and observing the environment.
That reminds me, they are not the only people that do that. Most elderly do that. I wonder why. Is it because that they got nothing to do? Do they like doing nothing? Or is there some other reasons?
I asked my neighbors and there are various reasons.
1) It is not convenient for them to be standing too long. They would get body aches, especially at the knees.
2) They do not have much to do.
3) They like the quiet environment.
4) They think that it is very relaxing to just sit down and entertain themselves with the t.v., newspapers or the view outside their window.

Some elderly, like my neighbors, prefer quiet, slow lives. But there are also elderly that prefer to be active.

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