Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ergonomics I

1. Compare the 2 different workplaces, state your observations.
Workplace 2 is more efficient, while Workplace 1 is more crowded. Workplace 1 has user friendly devices. The design of the chair in workplace 1 provides more comfort to the user. The computer screen can also be adjusted nearer or further from the user to suit the needs of him. In workplace 2, items are more organized and it is more spacious. Workplace 1 is very crowded, the items on the table are not organized. It is inconvenient for the user.

2. Which workplace is preferred? State with reasons why one workplace is preferred over the other.
Workplace 2 is preferred. Workplace 1 is neat and user-friendly, but Workplace 1 is not as user- friendly as Workplace 2.

3. What are the considerations that should be taken into account when designing a workplace that is suitable for the user?
We should consider the needs of the people using the workplace, to suit their needs. We should observe what are the difficulties of the worker when using the workplace. We should also consider the comfort of the worker when using the office.

4)Why do you think that Ergonomics is important when designing?
Ergonomics is important when designing so that the product would suit the needs of the user.

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